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Mothers Day Quotes 2014

Lord, Give Each Mother A Worshipful Reverence Of You, The Creator And Sustainer Of Life. Help Each Mother To Rest In The Knowledge That They Are But Stewards Of Your Children And That Only Your Spirit Can Produce Change Into The Hearts Of Each Boy And Girl. May Each Mother Find Rest In You.

Hindi Short Mothers Day Sms

Rehty Hain Mere Saath Farishtey Duao’n Mein
Main Khush-Naseeb Hon K Meri Maa Hayat Hy

160 Characters Mothers Day Sms

Nobody Knows Of The Work It Makes, To Keep The Home Together.
Nobody Knows Of The Steps It Takes, Nobody Knows-But Mother.

You Taught Me How To Be Mother

Mom you are my guiding light,
You held my hand in the darkest night.
Chasing demons and rain clouds away,
Showing me rainbows on dreary days.

Mom you gave me wings to fly,
Supporting me always as years rolled by.
Never letting me feel I was less than the rest,
When I lost a race, or failed a test.

Mom you are my example for life,
You taught me how to be mother, and wife.
The lessons I learned sitting at your knee,
I’m thankful for all your time spent with me.

Mom you’re also my friend so dear,
Ready to listen with a helpful ear.
Offering advice, a hug and a smile,
Reminding me of all in my life that’s worthwhile.

Mom you’re always close in my heart,
Even though we now live far apart.
Distance can’t break what has grown strong with time,
And nurtured with love, both yours and mine.

Mothers Day Sms Wishes

When you are a mother,
you are never really alone in your thoughts.
A mother always has to think twice,
once for herself and once for her child.

Hindi Mothers day Sms Wishes 2014

Apni Maa Se Aisa Rishta Banaya Jaae,
Jisko Nigaaho Me Bithaya Jae,
Rahe Uska Mera Rishta Kuch Aisa Ki,
Wo Agar Udaas Ho To Humse Bhi Muskuraya Na Jaae.

Mothers Day Poetry Quotes

A mom is a rose whose petals are very soft,
A mum is a lily whose stem is tall & strong,
A mum is a person who is never wrong,
and A mum is a person u should love forever.
so trust her, believe her & never doubt her.

Mothers Day Quotes From Children

We Pray You Give Each Mom Strength. Help Her To See In Every Mundane Task The Eternal, Cosmic Significance That You Place On Motherhood. Help Her To Understand That The Most Radical, World-Changing Events May Be Happening Anonymously In Her Home. Help Her To Forgive Those Who Undermine Her Significance.

Happy Mothers Day Shayri

Aankh Khule To Chehra Meri Maa Ka Ho,
Aankh Band Ho To Sapna Meri Maa Ka Ho.
Mein Mar Jaun To Gham Nahi Lekin,
Kafan Mile To Dupatta Meri Maa Ka Ho..!

Hindi 140 Mothers Day Sms

Apni Zubaan Ki Tezi apni us maa Per Mat

Aazmaao Jisne Tumhe Bolna Sikhaaya.


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