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Happy Mothers Day Sms

6 Years: Mom Knows Everything!
8 Years: Mom Knows Alot!
12 Years: Mom Really Doesn’tknow Everything!
14 Years: Mom Knows Nothing!
16 Years: Mom, Whatmom!
18 Years: Mom Is Outdated!
25 Years: Maybe Mom Knows!
35 Years:Before Deciding, Let’s Ask Mom!
45 Years: I Wonder What Mom Thinks!
75 Years: I Wish.Mom Was Here To Ask He…R!
Add This As Your Favorite If You Have The Best Mom In The World!

Mothers Day Prayer

Dear God, We Approach Your Throne On Behalf Of The Mothers Whom You Have Entrusted With The Care Of Your Most Precious Little Ones. We Thank You For Creating Each Mom With A Unique Combination Of Gifts And Talents. We Thank You For The Sacrifice Of Self Each Mom Gives For Her Children. For The Late Nights Spent Rocking A Colicky Infant. For The Hands Calloused From Washing, Wiping, Scrubbing, Mixing, Backing, Stirring, Hugging, Patting, Disciplining, Holding, Writing, Erasing, Painting, And Pouring.

Mothers Day Sayings

More Phone Calls Are Made On Mother’s Day Than Any Other Day Of The Year. These Holiday Chats With Mom Often Cause Phone Traffic To Spike By As Much As 37 Percent.

Happy Mothers Day Quotes

A Mother’s Work Is Never Done
She Works From Morning Until Dawn
She Spreads Her Love
And Keeps You Warm
But Only Once A Year We Say
Mother We Wish You “Happy Mothers Day”

Short Mothers Day Sms

The Heart Of A Mother Is A Deep Abyss At The
Bottom Of Which You Will Always Find Forgiveness.

Behind Every Great Man There Is A Mother


Mothers Day Thoughts

Mother Sitting In Sad Mood.
Son-Mom, U R 2nd Most Beautiful Woman In This World.
Mother-Who Ls The 1st?
Son-It’s Also U But When U R Smiling.

Funny Mothers Day Sms

Most mothers feed their babies with little spoons and forks. What do Chinese mothers use? Toothpicks?

Mothers Day wishes Greetings

What the heart gives away is never gone,
but kept in the hearts of others,
from dusk to dawn.
Love you from the core of my heart.
Happy Mothers Day

Mothers Day Tweets

Before A Day Was Over, Home Comes The Rover,
For Mother’s Kiss – Sweeter This Than Any Other Thing!

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