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Hindi Mothers Day Greetings 2014

Mene Maa K Hathon Me Ek Siyah Til Daikha
Or Maa ‘Se Kaha
Ye Daulat Ka Til Hay
Maa Ne Apne Dono Haathon Me Mera Chehra Thama Or Kaha
Dekho Mere Dono Haathon Me Kitni Daulat Hay.
Love Ur “Mother”, And Takecare Of Ur “Parents’
“Allah Hamari Maa Ko Hamesha Khush Rakhey.

Happy Mothers Day Poetry

Who Fed Me From Her Gentle Breast
And Hushed Me In Her Arms To Rest,
And On My Cheek Sweet Kisses Prest?
My Mother.

Famous Mothers Day Quotes

A Good Mother Is The Greatest Blessing Ever
In The World On A Family And On Children;
And A Godless, Wicked, Worldly Mother Is The
Greatest Curse That Ever Blighted A Home!”

Hindi Mothers Day Sms 2014

“Smsndar Ne Kha ”
Maa Ek Aisi Hasti Hy Jo Olad K Tmam Raz Apne Sine Me Chupa Lati Hy.
“Badal Ne Kha”
Maa Wo Hsti Hy Ho Dhanak Ki Tarha Khubsorti K Tmam Rung Mana Leti Hy.
“Dua Ne Kha ”
Maa Wo Hsti Hy Jo Gunah Gaar Olad Ko B Dozak Sa Bcha Leti Hy.
“Jannat Ne Kha”
Maa Wo Hsti Hy K Jo Mujko B Qdmo K Nichy Daba Deti Hy.
“Rab Ne Kha ”
Maa Meri Traf Se Insan K Liye Qimti Or Nayab Tohfa Hy.

Mothers Day Greetings 2014

Happy Those Children Who Have A Mother To Whom They Can Pour Out Their Hearts And Always Count On Her Understanding, And A Father In Whose Strength And Loyalty They Are So Confident That They Seek His Advice And Help All Their Lives. Many People Long To Be Such Parents To Their Children, And Could Be, If Only They Possessed Enough Wisdom And Love.

Hindi Mothers Day Messages 2014

Ye Sb Meri Maa Ki Khubiyon Ki 1 Jhalak Hy
Wrna Maa Ki Khubiyan
To Itni Hain K Lafz Khatm Ho Jain
Magr Maa Ki Tareef Poori Naho.
Aap Maa Ko Khush Rakhain
Allah Aap Ko Khush Rakhy Ga.

Hindi Mothers day Sms Shayari 2014

Ek Hasti Hy Jo Jan Hy Meri
Jo Aan Se Barh Kar Maan Hy Meri
Khuda Hukam De To Kar Dun Sajda Usy
Q K Wo R Koi Nhi “Maa” Hy Meri

Tere Hathon Ki Karamat Ki To Phir Baat Hi Kiya Hai!
Mujh Ko To Tere Qadmo Ki Matti Bhi Shifa Deti Hai…

Mery chaaro’n taraf hai dasht-e-be-paaya’n, kahan ho tum?
Mery maathay pe bosa deni wali maa’n! kahan ho tum?
Mujhy jhalsa rahi hai zindagi ki dhoop barso’n se
Meri umeed, meri zeest ka saaman kahan ho tum?
Kharaash’ain daal di hain dil k aainey pe duniya ne
Mery har dukh, mery har dard ka dar-maa’n kahan ho tum?
Mein thak k girney wala hun, mujhy aaghosh mein lay lo!
Ta’aqub mein hai mery gardish-e-dauraa’n, kahan ho tum?
Mery wo dost khush-qismat hain jin ki maee’n zinda hain
Meri nazro’n mein saara sheher hai weeran kahan ho tum
Kahan ho tum? ye dekho mera seena kitna ghayal hai!
Mery zakhm’on ko marham ki talab hai maan! kahan ho tum?

Mothers Day Poem Sms

Thank U Mother For All That U Do,
I Know My Thanks Are Far To Few,
I Really Do Love U I Dont Say Enough,
4 Me Those Words R Really Tough,
I Wish I Could Express All That I Feel,
But 4 Me U Know Thats A Big Deal,
Have A G8 Day I M Thinking Of U ,
I Hope My Feelings R Getting Through.
Happy Mothers Day

Mothers Day Messages 2014

We Especially Pray For Single Moms, Who Must Lean Solely On You For The Fathering Of Their Children. We Thank You That You’re Big Arms Surround Children Who May Never Know Their Earthly Father. We Also Pray For Mother Who Never Had The Honor Of Bearing Children, But Whose Nurturing Extends To The Many Poor And Needy Who Crass The Threshold Of Their Lives.

Short Mothers Days Quotes 2014

For The Best Mom
Who Always Had A Smile For Me
I Know We May Be Far Apart Right Now

Many hugs Only love never anger Teaching me Helping me Every smile when I was sad
Raising me to be strong It spells Mother. Thanks for being u.
Happy Mother’s day.

There is no velvet so soft as a mother’s lap, no rose as lovely as her smile, no path so flowery as that imprinted with her footsteps. Happy Mother’s day to U MOM.

For the best mom
who always had a smile for me
I know we may be far apart right now
So here’s a great big hug and kiss
Happy Mother’s Day

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